Marso Savaro

A former student of the Academy of Senart, Marso Savaro goes from exhibition to exhibition in search of her creative independence that she demonstrates in the balance and the assurance of her graphics.

She works the colors quickly in order to capture the light and the emotion of her subject. The quality of her chromatic research gives a powerful arrangement of the colors in which the blues turn warm and the reds eventually blend. The different matters that she uses present an African atmosphere in which one can feel sandy heat coming out of the painting.

That's where all of Marso's talent lies: she is a figurative artist as well as colorist; she plays with the abstraction of the figures and knows, besides, how to give a soul to her characters. In each one of her paintings she offers us "a dream of faraway places."

Marso was born in 1963 and grew up in the art world with special interests in fashion, interior design, and art itself. She learned with contemporary artists.


Painting with acrylic and a knife, her main source of inspiration is the African people. She creates original compositions out of which come beautiful stories and nice dreams. Her style is figurative with bright colors, full of sensibility and peace.


Her work has had great success during her shows in Paris, France, and now, in New Orleans.

Marso lives & works in Yerres.

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