Liisa Corbière

Liisa Corbière, originally from Finland, first trained as a weaver, then studied visual arts in her country. Traveling in France in the eighties, she discovered the painting of the Provencal Masters. The sensuality and the joy of life emerging from the paintings fascinated her. She threw away her brushes and started using very colourful and thick oil-based paint, working with a spatula. The warm tones and the brilliant colours of paint applied with this tool are mixed and organized to reveal, as by magic, a landscape or a sea view.

Provence inspires her and her painting expresses an optimistic and sunny vision of it. This artist from the North, who settled in the south of France over 25 years ago, illustrates the beauty of Provence - the beauty that visitors take with them after they leave the area. She revives the idealization and splendor that natives want to communicate about the region. With a sure hand, Liisa Corbière poses the matter: in broad flat tints to portray the fields, the houses or the sea, or in small nervous touches to show a palm tree, a pine tree or flowers. Her resolutely contemporary figurative painting, with its themes, its rich colors and luminosity, is timeless – like all that is simple and beautiful.

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