Instead of making clear statements, Esther encourages & stimulates the viewer to use their own imaginations as they delve into her work. She draws viewers into a fascinating spectacle which has been built by intense colors, contrasts, & powerful movements, into a world that only exists in your own mind. Everything is open with no fixed standards, no expectations, just total freedom.


Esther Barend was born in an artistic family in the Netherlands. After finishing her studies, she established herself as a jewelry designer in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Several years later she started classes at the Academy of Fine Arts, and after 3 years she felt she had to go her own way. She started experimenting day in & day out, and has developed her own distinctive style over the years. After living in Paris, Amsterdam, & Antwerp, she now lives & works lives in the Valencia region of Spain. Esther’s paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in the USA, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Japan, & Australia.

Esther has an unstoppable need to paint. Inevitably, she examines her complete life from her personal perspective as an artist. Her figurative works are open-minded reflections of perfect imperfections. Her abstract pieces are mostly autobiographical in nature, inspired by her rich & complex inner world, her current emotions, and contemporary events.

Esther Barend

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