Georges Cabot

A self-taught painter, GECA has been exhibiting since 1989. His favorite technique, acrylic paint and palette knife, allows him to paint in multicolored strokes, and produce conceptual abstract works that are sometimes dense, sometimes clean. He defines himself as a “colorist” because that is how we enter his weightless world. He loves to travel; observing and soaking in the atmosphere, light, and shadow, and renews himself in a certain continuity and obvious modernity. An artist who is not preoccupied by fame, GECA has confident gestures and an unencumbered, free approach to painting that is not imposed on him. Being a painter who flies under the radar, this innovative artist invites us to follow him into his atelier to discover his world, his escapist world. He shows annually in multiple Parisian galleries, as well as other galleries throughout France and Belgium. Additionally, in the past decade, GECA has shown at international exhibitions in Canton, China; Beirut, Lebanon; London, England; Florence, Italy; and New York.

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